Thursday, October 21, 2010

California Girls......

Girls with their electronics. I don't remember traveling like that growing up. Our road trips consisted of 5 kids stuck in an old station wagon with no air conditioning and definitely no entertainment. Remember the good ol days when you actually had to entertain yourself?
We stopped off in Carlsbad for a quick bite at this great fish and chips joint.

Yes, Halloween is around the corner and I am just posting our pictures from this past summer. It has been a whirlwind the last 4 months around here. We had a great family vacation. We were able to spend a month in Los Angeles. My sister Jean was expecting her first baby and it was such a special treat to be able to be there for the birth of her adorable baby girl Jia. The girls and I headed off to L.A. the end of July with my younger sister Patty. This has become an annual trip for us and I love that we are able to sneak away for the summer.

We did a lot of eating, shopping and swimming. I was 5 months pregnant at the time and I did not feel guilty about eating everything in front of me. In fact, I gained 8 lbs in the month of August! Scary!

The girls were able to swim everyday and Chloe finally learned how to swim without any floaties! Big goal of ours this past summer. Ava loved being in the water and was quite the little dare devil jumping in from the deep end.

Once Robert joined us we headed down the coast to San Diego. What a beautiful drive. The girls do really well on road trips so we thought we would drive down PCH along the coast. Palm trees and ocean is all we were able to see for miles. I love so-cal.

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