Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I know it's not Halloween anymore but Ava INSISTS on wearing her snowwhite
costume everyday!!!
Yesterday we had a gentleman ask if she was going to a party and I replied
"Oh, no this is her daily wear." Another gentleman asked if she was going to
a play and I replied "Oh, no this is her daily wear." We had lunch at Panera
and a group of girls thought Ava was the cutest thing and one girl said "I
always wanted to dress up as a little girl and my mom never let me go out in public
with it on." so, I guess it's
not a bad thing to let her wear her princess outfit everyday. Besides who dosen't
want to be a princess everyday?

Lunch with Dee

It's great having 3 sisters to choose from. I love the fact that Dee and I can
meet together once a week for lunch. It's great one on one time with her and
Avie (ava). We decided to head to our most favorite pizza joint-Aurelio's. There
is only one in the city and it's in a Holiday Inn believe it or not! Chloe was able to
join us this time around because she had half a day of school.
Auntie Dee, what would we do without you!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it was a quiet thanksgiving for us in Chicago.
Robert and I decided to take the girls out for dinner to
Smith & Wollensky's on the river. We had a great time.
The girls enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinner. Chloe of course
ordered turkey and surprisingly Ava was all over my filet
mignon. Can you believe at the age of two she's in love with
filet medium rare! She's an expensive gal.

After dinner we toured the city and looked at all the pretty
Christmas trees on display. It was great spending a quiet
evening with our family, but we look forward to Christmas
in Portland this year!