Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, do we have any takers? Our home has been on the market for 3 months and I am giving myself 90 days to sell. Spread the word.......

What is up????

Okay, I know I've been terrible with the whole blogging thing. I think I'm just going to accept the fact that I will never be the kind of mom who blogs on a regular basis, nor will I be the type of mom who makes a bird house with her kids out of pinecones and peanut butter. I love sleep way too much to stay up late to blog and as far as crafts go, someone always ends up with too much glitter in their hair! But for you mothers who find the time to blog and who make caterpillars out of pipe cleaners and cotton balls, please keep it up. I'm always looking for a hero!

Here is the Pace update...our house is still on the market. I guess you could say I've been really busy with open houses, showings, etc.. It is a pain in the arse to keep my house spic and span 24-7! Didn't really think about that tiny detail when I decided to put the house on the market. Oh well, at least the kids can eat off the floor it's soo clean. No need for the 5 second rule at my house.

The girls are back at school this week after having had spring break. We didn't get a chance to actually go anywhere because the girls did not have the same week off. So, we were happy to hang out here and find lots of fun things to do around the city.

I can't believe that they will be celebrating birthday's next month. We are very excited to have it at Pump It Up! The girls said that they would share a birthday party (each get their own cake of course). I love the fact that their birthday's are exactly 3 days and 3 years apart. Makes it especially easy for mom to remember. No excuses in forgetting that date.

Chloe is our very outgoing, passionate, determined and dramatic daughter. This girl will wake up at 6:30am to do homework if she hasn't finished it the night before. Am I bad mom for telling her to go back to sleep? Needless to say I haven't had to use an alarm clock in.....7 years. As for the dramatic part of her, I always tell her that she better come home with an Oscar when she grows up because her mama mama can't take no more drama drama.

Ava is our shy, compassionate and highly sensitive girl. She is a joy to be around. I forgot how much fun a 3 year old can be. I tell you....the things that come out of her mouth are hilarious!!! The other day she said she wants to be naughty because she likes the time out chair. Guess where I put her-the time out chair. Oh here's a good one...we were in the dressing room at Nordstrom's the other day. I was trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans (and I mean squuueeeezzzze). She looked at me and said "mommy those look too tight, don't rip the pants". nothing like walking out of the dressing room and feeling like a 500lb. cow! So, I'm back to my eat nothing but everything diet. We'll see how that goes.

Okay, before I spend too much time on this blog I will throw in some recent pictures of the girls.

p.s. dosen't Chloe look like she's 12 years old in the first picture. She just got bangs and she looks soo much older.