Thursday, April 22, 2010

I've been lazy

So, I just realized that the last time I blogged was back in February. I really have no excuse. My girls are both in school leaving me 3 days to get things done. I need to get a better system going around here.
Since February we've been keeping quite busy. We decided to take the girls to Toronto Canada for spring break. Rob and I have never been so we thought we'd make it a family trip. We were brave road warriors and decided to drive the 8 hours (which really ended up taking 10!). Other than the occassional "stop slapping me Chloe" and the "get your suck fingers out of my face" It was definitely worth the trip. We had a lot of fun exploring the city of Toronto and the people were very friendly there. It reminded me of Chicago because they are along Lake Ontario which they refer to as the Harbour Front. We were able to explore this city and do all the sightseeing it had to offer. Of course, by the end of the trip we asked the girls what was the best memory and they said it was swimming in the hotel. If I would've known that earlier I would've said "screw the 8 hour drive, we'll book a hotel downtown that's 2 minutes away with a pool and call it a spring break vacay" Lesson learned.

We also made a quick pitstop over to Niagra Falls. It was beautiful. The weather was gorgeous and the falls was really quite amazing. Once I got over my fear of bridges we were able to cross over to the Canadian side and enjoy the view.