Sunday, October 7, 2007

Friends in Palo Alto

Here is Chloe and her best buddy Aaron. They were inseperable in Chicago
and we still managed to swing out to California for a quick visit this summer.
Can you believe the size of those lemons! We picked a whole bag full to make
some summertime lemonade.
Ava and Hannah look like they maybe up to some trouble.

an amazing summer

We had an amazing summer this past year. we were able to visit family and friends on the west coast. it was a family roadtrip through california. we started out by visiting the pace family in thousand oaks. thanks mark and grace for letting us room with you. it was great that our two girls and their four children we able to reunite for a few days.
our next stop was disneyland. we promised the girls we would take them that summer and you
know once you make that promise to a 5 year old she is going to hold you to it. it was not only a treat for them, but i have never been to disney so it was just as exciting for me.

napping is a beautiful thing

i think this picture is cute because the girls are practically in
the same position. passed out! that's the way we like them.