Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ahh...Snow days

Chicago winters! So, Chloe recently had a snow day from school. I was thinking in the back
of my mind what the heck am I going to do to entertain 2 rambunctious little girls? Well, fill the bathtub with snow and food coloring. They entertained themselves for hours. It was great!

Turquoise jeans

Ava's favorite color is blue so of course I had to get her these jeans. I don't think that you
can wear this color over the age of 10 and the ponytails-too cute! She's definitely at the stage of experimenting with her clothes. I remember that I use to be able to pick Chloe's outfits for her up until the ripe age of 4. Ava on the other hand has dressed herself since the day she turned 2. Her latest is putting about 10 hairbows on the top of her head to create a headband. Now that's a looker. I will have to take pictures of that one.