Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Can you tell their related by the side profile? Big brown eyes, flat little button nose, brown
hair. I can't believe how quickly the girls are growing up. I'm so glad that they have each other to fight with, to share with, to play with, to love. Ahhh...sisters are great!

Dr. Doolittle

Here is Ava playing with her doctor kit she received from Aunt Leslie over Christmas. The red glasses totally make the look.

A Princess on her throne

I think most of us would not want our potty pictures up for public viewing. This is probably wrong of me to put these pictures online but I couldn't resist. Ava is still
in her snow white outfit every other day and this picture of her on the potty is too cute! It really
is of a princess on her throne.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Here are some random pictures of the girls, but too cute to pass up.
Oh yeah, please pay no attention to the
poorly decorated tree in the background. We were in Portland, OR for Christmas and I decided
to put up the tree but not decorate it. The girls decided they wanted to decorate the tree with
random ornaments.

Chloe and mommy "tea time"

Chloe and I were able to get together with some of her school friends to attend
"tea time" at the Hancock Signature Room. It was great to see her and all her friends
dressed up in their Sunday best. We first stopped off at the Drake hotel to see
the beautiful Christmas tree that they have in their lobby. Our next stop
was the 96th floor of the Hancock for hot chocolate and cake. We were very lucky
that it was a clear chilly night and the girls could see the buildings for miles. We had
such a great time there with everybody. I think we might have to make it a tradition each year!