Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween

We have made it our tradition to head down to Hobart, IN to County Line Orchards (countylineorchard.com). It's about as far away from big city lights as you can get without heading east to Michigan. Yes, I could go to the local Dominicks and buy pumpkins for 1/2 the price but that's no fun. I've noticed the bigger our girls get each year the bigger the pumpkins get.
Chloe wants to be a witch for Halloween and Ava wants to be a cupcake. Now, the only issue here is I'm going to attempt to make Ava's costume. Jo Ann Fabrics here I come!! Did I mention I don't sew? I'm hoping a little bit of tacky glue and a whole lot of prayer will get me through. It's Tuesday night and she needs the costume by Friday morning for school. Wish me luck!!! I figure if worse comes to worse she could go as a ghost (can you say white sheet and a pair of scissors:>). What a bad mommy I would be if it came to that!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Morton Arboretum

The month of September was absolutely lovely. We decided to take the kids to the arboretum one Saturday and had such a great time there. We look forward to going back in a couple of weeks to see the fall colors. Great family memories to be made....

Where is my free time?

So, you would think that with having 2 kids in school all day I would have plenty of time to sit around and do nothing. Not the case here. In fact, I think that if I did nothing productive all day I would get bored out of my mind.

Good thing "shorty" aka Ava is home on Tues. and Thurs. to keep me busy. We are still able to enjoy some quality time together. The other day we took the train to meet daddy for lunch. Ahh....I just love the city and everything it has to offer. Here are some pics of Ava waiting at lunch for daddy to show up. Note that she picked out her own outfit rain boots and all (it wasn't raining but totally part of the outfit)

Oh yeah, the pics of Ava in an aisle crouched down at CVS pharmacy is of her making a plea to get a stuffed bear. We are working on this concept here in the Pace household that the girls Do Not have to get something everywhere they go. She is negogiating very hard on her end. I'd like you all to know that I prevailed! We walked out of the store with nothing in hand. Now that is worth a star sticker!