Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is it summer?

I know it's officially summer time but it DOES NOT feel like summer here in Chicago.
It feels more like April because we have been getting more rain than sun. I was planning on spending our days at the parks, beaches and strolling along the lake instead we have been indoors trying not to drive each other insane. I have a very strong-willed 7 year old and a very naughty 4 year so playing indoors all day gets a little crazy. Let's just say there have been a lot of prayers to Jesus on my end.
Although, I must say I'm loving the fact that we don't have to get out the door by 815am to get everyone to school on time. We can sleep in and have a decent breakfast. No more cheetos in a bag for breakfast. Come on... I know that I'm not the only mother out there that did that.
Anyway, we are hoping the weather gets warmer and that we'll be able to enjoy some days at the beach before school starts back up. Here are some pictures of the kids at the park and at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Lots 'o fun!!