Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Preview To Summer

This past weekend was a preview to summer. We had great weather and time was spent with family and friends. We threw a big birthday bash for our girls and had a great time. Thank you "Pump It Up" and thank you to all family and friends who made it to the party. I think that next year we will be having a low key birthday bash.

We had lots of fun touring the city with my sister Jean and her husband Jay who were visiting us from Los Angeles. Jay is quite the "professional" photographer and was able to get some great random shots of the girls as they explored the city. Ava is not one to take photos. She is very camera shy so it was great to actually have some cute photos of her.

We are counting down the days until summer vacation. The girls have a couple weeks of school left and then you can find us at the beach everyday! We have lots of fun outings planned and we really look forward to our big 1 month vacation in July to the west coast.